höjden is run by Släktet Economic Association (Släktet Ekonomisk förening), which was created in the spring of 2018. We have an intersectional approach to the work environment, place and organisation, which permeates all activities as well as the recruitment of members and staff. 

höjden serves as a workplace for the artists basd at the premises, as well as a space for public screenings, workshops, and events. The artists at höjden, together with the board, decide how the platform's daily activities look and can run different parts of their projects and artistic work through höjden.

höjden hosts around 30 artists working in the fields of art, dance, music, performance, choreography and design. To become an artist in the house one purchases and signs a service contract (“tjänstekontrakt”), which is paid quarterly. This contract gives access to höjden’s common office, kitchen, and meeting spaces as well as the possibility to book studios hourly for a low price.

Släktet Ekonomisk Förening Bank Info

Bank name: Länsförsökringar

Bank Account number: 9024 98 193 19 (first four digits is the clearing number)


IBAN: SE26 9020 0000 0902 4981 9319


Swish: 123 03 26 678 500


Östbergatorget 21, 125 73 Älvsjö


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