Become an artist at höjden

Do you want to be an active artist in the house? Right now we are looking for more artists and also have a free atelier! höjden offers premises for daily work as a freelancer. As a professional artist, you can be based at höjden through shared office space or by renting your own atelier. See 'Prices' for more detailed information.


If interested, send a short CV and personal letter to telling you what kind of art form you are working with and why you want to be an active artist at höjden. 


To hire the premises as an external artist/organisation

It is also possible to book yourself in our music studio, dance studio or other premises without being active in the house otherwise. Go in and check out the "Premises" tab and contact us if you are interested!   

Östbergatorget 21, 125 73 Älvsjö


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