höjden is a 460m2 space spread over two floors. On the first floor there is a shared social space connected to the kitchen, a large dance studio of 100m2, a music studio, a shared office landscape, WC, workshop and two offices. Upstairs there is a project room and an office.

Pictured: höjden’s social space, part of the common kitchen and the 100 m2 dance studio. 

Artists at höjden have access to personal lockers for their private belongings.

Pictured: höjden’s kitchen, fully equipped and available for use by all artists in the house. Each artist receives their own shelf for dry goods and can store food in refrigerator and freezer.

Pictured: höjden’s shared office space. 

There is access to sockets, Wi-Fi and printers.

Pictured: höjdens dance studio. The studio can be divided into two smaller studios with the help of folding wall. The dance mat can be either black or white. Sound system available.

Pictured: höjdens dance studio, divided by the folding wall. The studio features mirrors and a sound system.


Östbergatorget 21, 125 73 Älvsjö


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