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Här kan du hitta information om några av de grupper som har regelbunden verksamhet hos oss på höjden;


Insister Space

INSISTER SPACE is an artist driven organisation, platform and

network for freelance artists within the field of dance and

choreography. We work collectively and continuously to question

the conditions and methods of artistic work.



Para Institutional Models (PIM) rethinks the role and format of the

art institution. PIM turns to the institution’s weight, gravity and

creation of a public sphere, and gathers around art objects in

order to practice negotiation and sedimentation. It consists of

around 40 artists based in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway

who will meet twice annually during 7 years.


fake daughter

fake daughter is Stockholm's new queer art-club initiative taking

place at höjden every few months since December 2019. fake

daughter works to create a safer space and forum for queer art,

sharings and community. It is organised collectively by höjden-

artists Foad Arbabi, Vincent Duraud, Jon Ely Xiuming and Klara

Utke Acs.

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