Elise is an independent artist working with dance and choreography whose practice spans performing, making, and teaching/facilitating. Her work has been presented in the UK, USA, Portugal, Germany, and Sweden, and her writing appears in a number of online and printed publications spanning the academic and the creative. In addition to working with a range of projects on a freelance basis, Elise is involved in several artist-led initiatives geared towards further enriching and sustaining the independent scene in Stockholm, including being an active artist member of höjden. She holds an M.A. from London Contemporary Dance School and B.A. (Hons) from Brown University. She currently teaches at DOCH/UniArts in Stockholm.


Elise is interested in investing in ways of dancing, doing, and being that enrich her practice as a whole, and which serve as sources of deep learning and pleasure.


At present her research is composed of three strands: the entanglement of the human and non-human, intersections between writing and dance, and improvisation practices.

At times these strands overlap and at times they diverge, and the research unfolds through studio exploration, workshops/open lab sessions, verbal dialogue, and critical/reflective writing.

She finds it is in the intersections, crossovers, and tensions between these different manifestations and contexts that the deepest learning occurs; as such a current focus is mapping different iterations of her practice in order to heighten awareness of what is unfolding and stay accountable.

Photo: Olga Berdikyan


Östbergatorget 21, 125 73 Älvsjö


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